The Most popular low-cost airlines in Europe

There are probably two most popular low-cost airlines in Europe, Wizz Air and Ryan Air. Both offer very cheap airline tickets around Europe, often for prices around $25 and sometime even lower. But beware, these prices often don’t cover your luggage.

Both these airlines often change baggage rules, now, for example, you can’t take your approved hand luggage to cabin with Wizz Air and Ryan Air cuts its cabin baggage allowance right now, again. So check before your flight, what exactly rules are valid right now, because they change often and sometimes you go there with one set of rules and going back you have to surrender to another rules.

But as I said, their prices are low and you can get to places like Prague, London, Kutaisi, Milan and much more for very affordable prices. The airlines often offer discounts, for example for their club members or just when they decide it is the right time for them. Especially Wizz Air is well known for their 20 % discount every month or two.

So, when booking your next flight, don’t forget to check the prices at these airlines. Maybe you would be surprised what price you can get.


Most popular travel destinations

When I am thinking about where to go on holiday, I often consult it with my friends and Facebook friends. It is always useful to know, where they are going to go or where they have been in the past and to hear their experience about the place.

Very useful may be also lists of popular countries and popular places, but popularity of these list has two sides, of course – the places may be nice, but sometimes overcrowded. Anyway, here is the list of the most popular world travel destinations according to Wikipedia:

1 France
2 United States
3 Spain
4 China
5 Italy
6 United Kingdom
7 Germany
8 Mexico
9 Thailand
10 Austria

It is good to think about the list a bit more deeply. Let’s look for example to the USA – the country is second, but it is much larger than most other countries. So the list would look very different if we consider individual states of USA. And second important think: This list is about “international” tourists, so when we consider all the tourists, the picture may look differently again. (And just consider what would happen, if we take EU as a whole, not the individual European Union states.)

And one more thing: Let’s look to Africa. The most popular tourist destinations are here:

1 Morocco
2 Egypt
3 South Africa

The other continets are in the previous list, but I considered interesting to add this one as well. So: Happy travel!

Google Maps are disappearing – Why?

You may be surprised, that on many sites, where you were used to Google Maps, the Google Maps are no more. Now there are some different maps, like Bing Maps, OpenStreetMaps or Here Maps. Why it is? Are they better?

The answer is simple: Google used to give very good conditions to web page creators, so most of them used the Google Maps. These maps are very good, reliable, nice… But…

Everything has changed in June 2018, when Google sent emails to web developers with new price list. Many of them couldn’t believe their eyes. The change of price was unbelievable. Many of the web authors would pay hundreds of dollars every month to show their visitors the maps – but they could not afford it, as they often provide their services for free.

So – what now?

Yes, they stopped showing the Google Maps. And they found some alternatives. A few days ago Here Maps came with a new very friendly pricing plans, but there are other map providers as well.

Google gave away some discounts for first few weeks or months (depending on the number of visitors – some web masters have enough for paying a few more weeks, some a few months of map traffic) , but after that perion you can expect even more changes.

So – this is the reason. Money. Of course.

Iceland travel

Iceland is a wonderful country, who wouldn’t want to go there? Here are some tips for travel to Iceland.

First look at the map of Iceland, for example here.

Then you would probably think about airline tickets. There are very cheap airline tiskets to Icelands sometimes from Europe, but not always. It is a good idea to check the prices regularly at the Germania airline.

And then look at some blogs about Iceland, you will find some inspiration there. The good ones are for example these:

Guide to Iceland – here is a lot of info, but some blogs also

Road trip around Iceland – many useful tips

All about Iceland – many interesting information

Butterfield Iceland Blog – more info

Do you have your own experience travelling to Iceland? Don’t hesitate to comment. I was planning the trip in the past and am collecting more and more info now.

The Journey Begins Now

This first article was created by the blogging system, I could delete it, but I don’t mind. It’s quite a nice starting post, isn’t it :)?

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


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